Notice #21012

ManageFlitter is now back & live!

We are pleased to advise that ManageFlitter is live (again)!

Twitter has reinstated ManageFlitter’s API access, conditional on several ManageFlitter feature changes.

***** ManageFlitter Account Update *****

Current paying customers are now able to re-connect their Twitter account(s) to ManageFlitter. The previous removal (in January) of our Twitter API access by Twitter, necessitates this re-connection.

To connect your Twitter account(s) you can go to:

After having re-connected all of your Twitter accounts with ManageFlitter, you can then either login to ManageFlitter using your Twitter account (if you have more than one Twitter account connected to your ManageFlitter account, you can use any Twitter account to login), or your ManageFlitter login.

Please note: We are not accepting new paying ManageFlitter subscribers until further notice. We need to first ensure that the new version of ManageFlitter is working as intended. Freebie users cannot access ManageFlitter at this time.

ManageFlitter prices for paid accounts will stay unchanged.

(Paid users, please keep an eye on your Inbox for a special exclusive offer for you on our new app ManageSocial).

***** ManageFlitter/Twitter Update *****

We have spent significant time and effort attempting to explain to Twitter the use case for ManageFlitter and thus, for now, we have managed to maintain some “Search” and related feature functionalities - albeit in a very limited format. (Twitter originally wanted all search functionality removed.)

Twitter, however, have explicitly stated that they reserve the right to make further changes to ManageFlitter.

We understand that ManageFlitter’s new feature set is a small subset of our previous features. This will no doubt be disappointing and frustrating for our users (as it is for us).

Users will not be able to follow or unfollow accounts within the ManageFlitter app. This is unlikely to change. Comprehensive search features like Power Mode, have also been removed.

We are not able to provide an exhaustive ManageFlitter feature change list at this time, as the ManageFlitter rework is still very much a work in progress.

We will continue to request Twitter approval for ManageFlitter feature enhancements.

Please remember that all ManageFlitter feature changes were requested by Twitter, and were required to be implemented by us in order for ManageFlitter to remain compliant with Twitter’s API policies. Unfortunately, all these recent ManageFlitter changes are out of our control.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

Please keep an eye on our Twitter account @ManageFlitter (link: for updates regarding ManageFlitter.

Please also keep an eye on your email inbox for further updates if you are a current paying customer.

To contact support (including for subscription and RAM billing enquiries) please send an email to or send a message through the ManageFlitter Dashboard (link:

You are also welcome to email our CEO, Kevin Garber, directly at

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